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A Study on Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs in the State of West Bengal | Original Article

Rajni Shaw*, G. D. Singh, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Women entrepreneurship has acquired encouragement in last three decades and there is rise in number of women enterprises and contribution of women towards economic growth. In this dynamic world women entrepreneurs play an important role in economic and social progress. Women entrepreneurial ability has not been made use of due to lower status of women in the society. Now there is need of changing mindset towards women so as to give equal rights to them as endowed in the Constitution. Women empowerment is very necessary for overall development of any nation. On the contrary, if women are empowered, their efficiency towards decision making will definitely influence the behaviour of a family. Nowadays, participation of women has gained importance. Today women play a very important role and are more developed in fulfilling their economic needs and attaining social status. This study seeks to analyse and identify the major constraints women entrepreneurs were facing and also find out financial status of women entrepreneurs in start-ups and sustain in business. This study has been conducted on 200 sample respondents in the five districts 1. Kolkata. 2. Howrah. 3. South 24 Parganas. 4. North 24 Parganas 5. Hooghly in the state of West Bengal. This paper highlights the profile and major constraints women entrepreneur were facing in start-up and to sustain in business.