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A Review on Fuzzy Logic Based Clustering Methods of Wireless Sensor Networks | Original Article

Patil Abasaheb Gopal*, C. Ram Singla, Omprakash Rajankar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The development of low power, short distance communication devices are called sensors which are minimal in size and comprise of the sensing unit, data processing unit and communicating components. The sensor network has significant improvement over a traditional sensor. Main design challenges in location to energy efficiency optimization of a sensor node as power source of sensor node is restricted and moreover unsuaitable, interchange or recharge sensor node’s power source. So as to improve lifespan of sensor network, sensor node’s energy must be used in an efficient way. Cluster are group of Sensor nodes that are well organized to achieve desired outcome. To utilize energy of network in an optimum way Clustering technique is deployed. This research work showcase, some of fuzzy logic dependent clustering protocols studied by active scholars. Parameters applied to produce heads of clusters are residual energy. In this protocols of fuzzy logic based clustering, accessibility from base station to its nearest node is determined.