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A Study in Indian Constitution on Gender Equity and Women’s Rights | Original Article

Kamble Avishkar Devappa*, Rahul Chowdary, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Women, a daughter, a mom, a mum and a grandma are key to a family. Without a woman, the world will never be whole. Law is the collection of regulations that regulate people's behaviour. Women are seen as the weakest section and the victims of crimes such as violation, eve teasing, women infanticide, dowry, domestic abuse, child marriage and the throwing of acid from the beginning of this planet. Only their husbands and fathers could survive under their heels. Laws was created to protect women's lives from and give them their dignity, the abuse of their communities and communities. This paper explores women's aspects from the past to the current. It reflects how our country's legislation has done everything possible to transform women's lives and have them live with dignity and integrity not as a slave.