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A Study of Realistic Approach of (M/M/S):(∞/FCFS) Model Over (M/M/1):(∞ /FCFS) Model for Bank ATM System | Original Article

Rachna Rathore*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In this paper we use (MM1) (∞FCFS) model and (MMS) (∞FCFS) model for the study of waiting lines in Bank ATM having single ATM machine. Banks usually provides one ATM machine in every branch of a particular area of a city. But, one ATM would not be sufficient to serve a long queue. Now a day’s people don’t have enough time to spend in a long queue. They have their own jobs to do. Furthermore, if ATM machine run out of service due to some technical problem, then, it as well creates a big problem for customers. In this paper, we will evaluate different performance measures of above- mentioned models and compare them. This will help us in study of realistic approach of (MMS)(∞FCFS) model over (MM1)(∞ FCFS) model.