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A Detailed Review on Lean Manufacturing Processes for Industrial Productivity Optimization | Original Article

Raktate Omesh Uttamrao*, S. Ramesh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


One of the most significant research areas in modern time is the need, potentials and possibility of building the methods and application tools and techniques aims for the improvement of machine tool manufacturing processes. The idea of lean manufacturing was created to maximise resource efficiency by reducing waste however, lean was further adapted in reaction to the changing and dynamic market world. The comparison of before and after LP programmes in determining managers' future advantages, such as shorter manufacturing lead times and lower work-in-process inventory. The aim of this paper is to synthesise the literature with a focus on defining the potential for lean in the process industry and the benefits that come with it. The study further examines lean production methods that have been used or may be used in the process sector, as well as the complexities of implementing lean. Even, how using Lean tools can be extremely beneficial in increasing efficiency. Productivity enhancement is important in most production and process sectors because it aids in the elimination or minimization of waste.