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Reliability Design Protocol and Blockchain Locating Technique for Mobile Agents | Original Article

Ms. Priyanka Kaushik*, Rajeev Yadav, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The reliability design and location protocol management of the Mobile Agent and its current updated Location and maintenance in the mobile database and its reliability design are the current issues in a distributed technology. It still represents an open research area. . This paper analyses the new locating management schemes and reliabilities of IOT with the block chain and graph theory concept and probability reliability design which will make some difference in heterogeneous networks. In this work, a deployment of four types of locators protocols are proposed for optimal and fault tolerant free location management techniques through mobile agents such as POSBL, CSHBL, CICBL ,UZL and sub locators chain as IZHSL, IZOSL, IZICL. The theoretical model of graph theory optimization technique is used for optimal throughput of updated LA (location area) which is residing under the structure of BA and MSC. To achieve the reliability design the theoretical method of max-flow min-cut algorithm approach is proposed. A simulation is performed and the result of location updates through deployment of locators is achieved.