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Effect of Mental Training on Non-Visual Baton Changeover in Sprint Relay | Original Article

Rajarshi Kar*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The study investigated the effects of mental training on Non-visual Baton pass in sprint relay. The participants of the study were sixteen boys (age range 16-20) from Athletics summer camp organized at L.N.I.P.E, Gwalior. Baton changeover performance was assessed with three variables such as Exchange Zone Velocity, Instantaneous Velocity and Number of errors. Two group Pretest–posttest randomized-groups design was used as experimental design. Both the groups received baton exchange training whereas mental training was imparted to only one group. Analysis of Covariance found significant difference between silent and Verbal Exchange Groups in Exchange Zone Velocity (F-value = 6.939, p = .021), but insignificant difference in Instantaneous Velocity (F-value = 1.362, p = .264) and errors during baton exchange (F-value = .888, p = .363). The results indicated that Mental Training is effective in improving performance of baton changeover.