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Satisfaction With the Incentive For Inter-Varsity Players In Various Colleges of Haryana State |

Mahesh Kumar, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The present study was an attempt to find out thesatisfaction with the incentives for inter-varsity players in various collegesof Haryana state. To serve this purpose, 50 Principals and 100 players ofcolleges of Haryana. The questionnaire made by the investigator himself wasused to collect the information from the Principals and 100 players ofcolleges. Beside the above mentioned tools, the use of interviews and officerecords were also made for the purpose. The statistical techniques ‘Anova’ wereused and where the difference was found significantly, Post, Hoc test wasapplied. The private colleges Principal are least satisfied with the incentivesfor inter-university participants as compare to Government colleges Principalwhich are most satisfied with the incentives for inter-university participants.The private colleges are least satisfied with the incentives for inter varsitywhile the government and aided colleges are most satisfied with theinter-varsity and participants respectively.