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Protection In Wireless Networking – Concern and Challenges |

Rashmi Kumari, Pushkar Raj, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Computer system securityhas become a major concern over the past few years. Attack, threat orintrusions, against computer system and network have become commonplace events,many system device and other tools are available to help counter the threat ofthese attack. Wireless and mobile networks are quickly becoming the networks ofchoice, not only because of large bandwidth, but due to the flexibility andfreedom they offer. Option way out to the trouble of accessing information inremote areas where wired network are inaccessible is offered by WirelessNetworking Technology. In this paper we have tried to discuss two latestwireless technologies: Wi-Fi. The objective in this paper is to describe thetechnologies as well as the benefits and risks involved in their securityimplementation.