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Security In Wireless Networking - Issues, Challenges and Future Prospects |

Sanjeev Kumar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Wireless and mobilenetworks are quickly becoming the networks of choice, not only because of largebandwidth, but due to the flexibility and freedom they offer. Option way out tothe trouble of accessing information in remote areas where wired network areinaccessible is offered by Wireless Networking Technology. Wireless Networkinghas changed the way people communicate and share information by eliminating theboundaries of distance and location. Although Wireless Networking is regardedas Networking Future but still there are some unsolved issues which ispreventing the wide adaption of Wireless Technologies. In this paper we havetried to discuss two latest wireless technologies: Wi-Fi. The objective in thispaper is to describe the technologies as well as the benefits and risksinvolved in their security implementation.