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Psychological and Physiological Profile of an Elite Woman Weightlifter-Geeta Rani | Original Article

Devi Laxmi*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Today’s fiercely competitive and highly commercialized sporting arena, physical powers is no more the only deciding factor to influence sports outcome. Those who reach the top have some unique physical abilities, psychological and physiological parameters. This study was undertaken to explore the psychological and physiological profile of an elite woman weightlifter- Geeta Rani. DataInformation for the present investigation was derived from the investigator herself. To investigate her psychological profile, participation inventory, Athletic coping style inventory (ACSI), Task and ego orientation in sport questionnaire (TEOSQ) and mental toughness questionnaire (E.LOEHR) were administered. To investigate her physiological profiles Vital capacity, Resting heart rate, Positive breath holding capacity, Negative breath holding capacity, Body composition and Peak flow rate were measured. It has emerged that she is not only a fitness freak, but also possess unique qualities. It has come out that she is a mentally tough. The findings of this investigation will be helpful in developing a broad framework of the appropriate psychological and physiological characteristics and the specific attributes so as to identify and groom talented and skilled weightlifters.