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A Study on History of Volleyball and Performance Indicators in Young Elite Beach Volleyball Players | Original Article

Meenakshi Tripathi*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Beach volleyball is a sport team played on a sandy courtyard separated by net among two teams of two participants. To date, primarily male beach volleyball players have been the subject of the study. The goal of this analysis was therefore to evaluate the work rest ratio and physical action of men and women in terms of their position, and this paper focuses on volleyball history in India as a whole and on the contribution of Indian Sport Authority. Volleyball 's history is quite limited in India. It is playing out in the subcontinent, and this makes the sport of the colonisers another hand-down. And while in its early stages, a National system seems oddly confined in India, when one looks at modern times. SAI has been striving for the upgrade of the volleyball game in the state since it was founded in Bangalore in 1975. Volleyball players have been strongly supported by services such as pedagogy, summer development sessions, centre, sport performance centers, student-level come-and-play, and workout facilities at school and education.