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The Marital Rituals in Chalavadi Community | Original Article

Geeta S. Atharga*, R. Sunandammath, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Marriage, as the most important social institution, is in force in all societies. There is also a religious recognition of the legal institution of marriage, which authorizes male and female marriage, and for legalizing children born to that partner. All religions have rules about marriage. A wedding is held in accordance with these rules. According to Hinduism, marriage is an important ritual and is regarded as the sacred bond that God made. There is a belief in the Hindus that a human will not get salvation without marriage. There is also a belief that if the girl is not married, though she got an appropriate age, she will be regarded as a stigma attached to the clan and she will become a path to hell to her family. It is said that the man without a woman in his life, will be like oil poured into the sand, and that the life of a woman without a man will be like the words written in water. According to Hinduism, both man and woman can attain peace if both of them cooperate with each other like the leading light in the path and like the two wings of a bird which helps to fly. Like all castes, wedding is a very important ritual in the community.