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Evaluating the Correlation between the Formative and Summative Assessments | Original Article

Sita Ramnan*, Kavita Kalyandurgmath, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Assessment is one of the important aspect of management education for MBA program in order to evaluate the performance of management graduates in order to achieve the employability. This paper examines the strength of the relationship between the formative assessments which are evaluated on the continuous basis and the summative assessments i.e. end term assessments. The research design applied to this study is ex-post facto of sample size of 430 students of academic batch (2018-20) was used. The postgraduate students of various streams namely, marketing, operations, finance and human resource were assessed and the assessment data is the primary input for this study. Random sample of 5 management specialized courses were considered for various leading business schools of state universities in Maharashtra. Analysis of the data was done using statistical methods. The findings of the Pearson correlation test established the weak positive relationship between the continuous assessments and the end term examination. Thus one of the major recommendation of the management Professor’s is that it is critical that the formative assessments need to continuously improve the quality of the assessment and ensure transparency while conducting the various tests of formative assessment.