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A Study on the Relation between Mental Skills and Participation Level of Cricket | Original Article

Vichitra Kumar*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


In sport the mental skills correlated with role play are obvious. Similar expectations relevant to playing place or task inside a competitive sport are assumed to involve a particular range of Mental skills. This research examined the relationship among 127 South African cricket players between mental skills and except position. The topics were classified into 4 main batsman (n=30), bowler (n=32), all-rounder (n=61) wicket keeper (n=4) groupings. The findings of the wicket keeper category were omitted from the study as wicketkeepers were underrepresented in the survey. Mental skills were measured by the Physical Coping Techniques Inventory-28 Behavioral Techniques Questionnaire for Bull. One-way variation study (one-way ANOVA) revealed no substantial variations between the analytical skills of the various groupings of functions. It was stated that for categorizing cricket players into playing expect positions in the sport, there is no distinct mental profile.