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A Study on Hammer Throwers and Their Characteristics |

Manoj Kumar, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The modern hammer throw is a track event entailing speed,power and control. In hammer throwing, body mass and strength particularly inthe legs, trunk, and arms are the most contributors to increasing the speed ofthe hammer at the release. The goal of the event is to throw the hammer thefarthest distance possible while maintaining the rules governing the event. Athrow is built upon four components, each part being equally critical to thesuccess of the throw. A throw is accomplished by performing a series of winds,an entry into the turns, followed by three to four turns, ending in the releaseof the implement. Athletes alternate between single and double foot support asthey move through the turns of the throw. Errors in any of the four componentsnegatively affects the distance the implement is thrown. Proper technique iscrucial to each throw. This depends upon some qualities i.e. speed, quicknessof legs and co-ordination combined with a gymnastic type application of powerare the major qualities vital to this event. The technique used in the shot put today is aimed atincreasing speed by using complimentary rotation and translation across thering to move the implement forward at a high rate. Understanding the physicalcharacteristic of hammer thrower, technique and implement modifications helpedto improve distances. Too tall persons do not fit in this event because of theproblem of speed and coordination. An average hammer throwers in theinternational class may possess a weight about 100 kg and plus but heightshould be about 190 cm. The important characteristics of hammer throwers arethe hips and shoulders, length of the arms. Height and long arms help make fora longer effective radius. Bear in mind that centrifugal force is a function ofturning speed and the hammer radius; a shorter thrower will have to turn fastthan taller.