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Role of Internet and Information Technology For Improving Human Resource Management Services: an Empirical Analysis |

Sangamesh, Dr. Anita Sharma, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Managedinformation technology all science can influence and establish a relationshipwith the complex among the important role has played in all scientific fields.Information technology has caused today no boundaries and distance world, forcirculation there is no information and all aspects of human societies. Likehow to live, work and Human Resource Management in organizations, offices andunexpected extent. the subject has been these changes will be effective when thedomain ICT activities identified and the creation of these activities will beprovided. In this paper, a brief review the impact of technology informationthe Human Resource Management the business objectives of the organization andsatisfaction of employees has been set. The studysought to examine the impact of human resource information systems on humanresource management service delivery in public and private organizations. Thestudy adopted a cross sectional and quantitative survey design. A sample of 92respondents was drawn from a study population of 110. The stratified randomsampling technique was employed to categorize the respondents and purposiverandom sampling was used during the selection of the sample. The SPSS computerpackage was used to analyze the data collected by use of a researchadministered questionnaire. Findingsindicate that 75% of the staff in the HR departments did not possess therequired competencies to operate the HRIS and that as a result of the combinedknowledge and skills on the HRIS. In regard to the assessment of the impact ofHuman Resource Information Systems on Human Resource Management ServiceDelivery, the findings revealed that due to the availability of the HRIS, theHRIS had improved the HR functions at the organizations, HRIS improved the datamaintenance process and HRIS improved the data input process. The present paper begins by introducing a number ofobservations on the applications of information technology (IT) in the field ofhuman resource management (HRM) in general. This is due to the fact that IT andits wide range of applications have already made their presence felt in thisarea. This will be followed by a report on the findings of a survey on thepresent trends in organizations with in the different sectors in Turkey.Although the impact of IT on HRM has long been attracting the interest ofacademics, no empirical research has ever been realized in this field in Turkey, and fewstudies have been reported elsewhere. The survey was conducted among the 106 ITmanagers and professionals from various sectors, based on whose results, thedata shows that IT is used extensively in the organizations to perform HRMfunctions in Turkey’sdynamic economy. The results also indicated that, while IT has an impact on allsectors in terms of HRM to certain extent, the types of IT used varysignificantly between recruitment, maintenance, and development tasks. However,the empirical results here reveal that these organizations are not applyingthese technologies systematically and maturely in the performance of HRMfunctions.