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Intercellular Communication and Transport Processes during Development | Original Article

Prahlad Kumar Meena*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


All forms of communication between human beings have long been recognized as a requirement for reciprocal understanding, transfer of knowledge, and productive development of societies. This also applies to living cells who are organized in micro societies that constantly adjust to their environment through a complex network of signaling pathways. The chemical communication which occurs at various levels results in an integrated exchange of information that is essential for coordinated responses. We wish to present a few features of Cell Communication and Signaling an open access, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of manuscripts covering all aspects of cell communication, with a particular focus on molecular processes that govern intercellular signaling and events that sustain cellular communication, both in normal and pathological conditions. The launching of Cell Communication and Signaling provides us the opportunity to present a brief overview of basic processes underlying cell communication and the signaling processes that take place within and between cells to permit an efficient communication.