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A Study on the Need of Natural Environment for Animals and Birds | Original Article

Chetram Meena*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


There are about 10000 bird species in the world. From the poles to the equatorial forests, from the deserts to the centres of the oceans, from the highest mountains to the hearts of our cities, everywhere birds are amongst the most conspicuous forms of animal life. Of all the animals, birds have been the most well-known classis because human beings have used them for feeding, communication, pollinating plants, and decorate the home, etc. Also, birds are important to some animals for biological control, for example Rodentia. Birds are important to continue ecologic circle, especially in food chain. For the last three centuries, industrial developments and anthropological effects have degraded habitats and caused the natural balance to deteriorate. Approximately 200 bird species had been affected directly or indirectly from these negative changes.