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Improved Utility of Libraries and the Identification Problems of Librarian's In Educational and Research Libraries of India |

Sandeep Prakesh Jadhav, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Libraries in India are advancing admirably inautomating housekeeping operations, refining old services and beginning newones. There is additionally an increasing presence of electronic informationsources, outside and internal, and services based upon them. Libraries havecontinuously embraced library automation software, Cd-Rom information bases,and Web access to electronic diaries and digital libraries. With everydevelopment in technology the time of the user to recover information hasindicated an intense reduction. The development and increasing accessibility ofthe Internet and Web has prompted a mess of in - formation outside the libraryenticing users to depend less on libraries and to explore these exchange routesto fulfill their in formation needs. The ascent in number and mixed bag ofinformation resources and the powerlessness of most libraries to gain/ accessthem likewise leaves the libraries less ready to meet the necessities ofcustomers, constraining the library and staff to modest away from their new parts.All in all a service in numerous establishments that doesn't appreciate theforce of re hunt and instructing staff, the predicament of library experts in alarge portion of these foundations brings about low confidence andunderperformance. This paper endeavors to investigate these issues and thesocieties and conflicts faced by users, libraries and administrators inscholarly furthermore research libraries in India. It identifies the library asa service and access focus, administering and upgrading information in atechnology-upgraded environment as opposed to as a simple repository.