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Study of Security Issues In Distributed Database Management System |

Diwakar Singh, Sumit Mangal, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This paper will examine databases in any organization areincreasingly opened up to a multiplicity of suppliers, customers, partners andemployees - an idea that would have been unheard of a few years ago. Numerousapplications and their associated data are now accessed by a variety of usersrequiring different levels of access via manifold devices and channels - oftensimultaneously. The underlying features of the distributed databaseManagement system. Learning the task of distributed database management systemwill lead us to a successful design. The design will improve scalability,accessibility and flexibility while accessing various types of data. Developinga successful distributed database system requires to address the importance ofsecurity issues that may arise and possibly compromise the access control andthe integrity of the system. In today environment Distributed database ismainly used by large organization for there striking features. When we developa distributed database there are many features which may concern. The purposeof the paper is to examine the components of distributed database architecture.Understanding the task of a distributed database management system will lead toa successful design, which will provide scalability and accessibility. Whendeveloping a distributed database system there is a need to address theimportance of security issues that may arise and possibly compromise theintegrity of the system. We further propose solutions for some of the securityconcerns that pertain to a distributed database system.