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Creep Analysis of an Isotropic Functionally Graded Cylinder |

Mr. Kulkarni Vyankatesh Shrikant, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In this segmentof the study, it is decided to investigate steady state creep in a thick-walledFGM cylinder consisting of silicon carbide particles (SiCp) embedded in analuminum matrix and subjected to high pressure and high temperature/temperaturegradient. The content of SiCp in the FGM cylinder is assumed to vary linearly,with maximum content at the inner radius and minimum content at the outerradius. The study is an attempt to investigate the relationship of particlegradient and thermal gradient either present alone or present simultaneously onthe creep behaviour of internally pressurized thick-walled cylinder. Amathematical model has been developed to describe steady state creep behaviourof the FGM cylinder. The model developed is used to investigate the effect ofimposing a linear gradient in the distribution of SiCp on the steady statecreep response of the composite cylinder operating at a constant temperature orunder a radial thermal gradient. This study is undertaken to explore thepossibility of using FGM in pressure vessel