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Study on Equivalent Modeling In Other Design Issues |

Garima Vashishtha, Dr. Rajesh Pathak, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Upon studying and comparing the various schemes, it was concluded thatDBD technology offers enormous promise in surface modification, and istherefore the most widely suited plasma reactor for surface modification incontinuous surface processing. Therefore,the diversity and versatility of the DBD technology as an enabling tool forapplication in the field of surface treatment has been discussed in detail. Thesteps obtained in the designing of the DBD excimer source were extended fordesigning of a DBD reactor for surface modification, particularly suited tosurface modification in the textile and biomedical sector. The process parameters and design criteria ofDBD treatment setup for designing a DBD reactor in surface processing weredealt with. The development procedure for DBD reactor involves an optimumchoice of process parameters and designing of gas handling system, selection ofDBD topology and designing of impedance matching network.