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Click- Stream Analysis- a Strategy to Improve E-Business |

Nadim Rana, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Dennis,Fenech and Merrilees (2004, p 2) mention that “E-business can be defined as thesale of services and goods via electronic channels or through internet forhousehold or personal use by customers. This definition includes electroniccommerce tasks that results in transactions of a business with end customersrather than business consumer i.e. business to consumer rather than business tobusiness. In short, electronic business is one that is done with internet as amarket place. With increasing business operations via internet, organizationshave started adapting strategies to make their web pages competitive than thatof their rivals. Clickstream is a process of analyzing, collecting andreporting data about visitor’s path through the internet, including websitesand the pages of sites that the user visited in what order and how long thevisitor stayed on that page. Click stream analysis helps organizations intracking their customers and their preferences. This paper discusses in detailthe contribution of click stream analysis in promotion of e-business a.