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Concealing Arcanum Message In any File Format Behind Images to Ensconce the Existence of the Message Without Knowing the Metadata of File |

Amit Upadhyaya, Dr. Rajesh Pathak, Dimple Jayaswal, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Steganography is the science ofhiding information within other information. For example, a watermark"hides" an image on a piece of paper. If you look at most papercurrency at a low angle or if you hold it up to a bright light, you can see aghostly image in the paper. When you look at the currency straight on in normallight, you cannot see the image. Because this example is so easy to understand,steganography is often called "watermarking." Today steganography is often used tohide copyright information in an image, movie and audio file. The informationis carefully encrypted and hidden so you cannot easily find it. Later, if onethink you have stolen his movie file, he can pull the hidden copyrightinformation out of it to prove it is his not yours. There are many techniques forhidings secrete file. To hide any file we must know the structure of thesecrete file i.e. if we want to hide .txt file we must know the structure of.txt file. This becomes very difficult to know the structure of every fileformat. In my research I remove this headache. In this research we can hide anyfile format (.exe, .dll, .doc, .pdf, .mp3 etc.) without knowing the structureor metadata of file behind bitmap image.