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Study on Management Information Systems In It |

Jitender, Dr. Rajesh Pathak, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Atits most fundamental level this is a cross-sectional study designed to collectdescriptive data on the issues surrounding IT implementation. This studyrepresents the perceptions of SMLG administrators in the State of Virginia andprovides a “snapshot” of their issues as they exist in the municipalitiescurrent environment. The perceptions detailed here are very important becausein the volatile area of IT all involved individuals and organizations aretrying to make proactive headway. Public and private sector organizationsacross the country are involved in improving or changing their ITimplementation strategies. This study uses the perceptions of a distinct groupof respondents who are part of a limited geographic area to identify and fleshout a series of issues. A cross sectional study was determined to be especiallyuseful since the purpose was to gather pertinent information on individualattitudes and explore areas for further research. The data produced in thisstudy is essentially a screening for variables, which may prove to be worthy offurther study.