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Analysis of Fault under Power System and Simulation of Short Circuit Order | Original Article

Deepak Somani*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


This paper presents the short circuit Analysis of a Power System by Conventional methods and also presents review of the research work which had been done in field of Short Circuit Analysis. The steady state operating mode of a power system is balanced 3 phase ac. However, due to sudden external or internal changes in the system, this condition is disrupted. When the insulation of the system fails at one or more points or a conducting object comes in contact with a live point, then short circuit or fault occurs. As power lines are heavily interconnected to the systems. So fault analysis is very important for stability analysis. The one section faults will cause serious effects to other sections also. This idea has been analysis through this paper. The paper shows the complete study work and literature survey of Conventional Short Circuit Analysis methods, Different elements of the power system network, Different Faults occurring in Power System and severity of various Power System Faults. As we know that relay circuit has detects the faults and give the tripping signals to the circuit breakers and circuit breakers open the faulty line from healthy lines but sometimes it requires delay that system will balanced by itself, but here we see that within delay timing this fault will effects other lines also and voltage will decrease from there rated conditions. So we must need to improve and analysis whole system to maintaining reliable supply to other lines.