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Human Resource Contribution for Organizations Growth. | Original Article

Sanjay Mahajan*, G. D. Singh, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


An effective Human Resources Management gives chance employees to contribute effectively and productively to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of the organization's goals and objectives. In working life, the most important value is employees. That is why Human Resources Management is the key factor for success of a business. Being a global world and being a part of global competitive markets processes force businesses to manage human factor more truly for every level. Human resource management is one of the necessary needs of today’s business. Human resource management department has a very important role for supply of the human being to main resources of companies. Human resource management department has fundamental role for personnel recruiting, orientation and performance appraisal and so on. The performance evaluation within this process, it’s not only for evaluate of employees performance therewithal it’s important to get strengthening of the bond between employee and employer. Performance evaluation is one of the important matters for companies getting successful. If the companies can use to performance evaluation correctly, it’s bring to successful performance management and then bring success of the company. The aim of this study to give some information about human resource management and underline important of human resource department is then make prelude to performance evaluation and give some information about performance appraisal process.