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Multidimensional Aspects of Corporate Crime/Fraud and Violence in India: Some Regulations | Original Article

Riya Tiwari*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The motivation behind this paper is to look at the multidimensional aspects, nature and impression of corporate frauds in India and their results in the business and monetary systems, and it features the developing issues with the goal that current legal and regulatory commitments can be re-imagined and organized. It was discovered that the regulatory system is frail, and there is critical need to rethink the part of inspectors. Coordination among various regulatory authorities is poor, and after each trick, there is a habitual pettiness. Reporting of fraud and publication of fraud anticipation policy are absent. Banks and money related establishments are incapable on due persistence, and there is an absence of demonstrable skill on the board and other official levels in organizations. This examination accept that fraud could be moderated by proactive and cognizant action by reviewers, and corporate officials will abstain from executing money related fraud regardless of weights from speculators, government securities controllers and exogenous market vacillations.