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Customer Satisfaction in Small Car Segment in Andhra Pradesh, a Comparative Study of Select Companies | Original Article

Murali Krishna Reddy*, P. Balaji Prasad, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The customer play a role of backbone for success of any Industry. The establishment and progress of any industry is completely depending on customer and its satisfaction. The increment and decrement in the no. of customer is totally depending on customer satisfaction. As we all know that a lot of competitors in the market who manufacture the same product but of varying cost. Not also varying cost they also provide some additional features in the quality of their product. For example if we consider two different cars of different brand in same segment then we see that there are some differences in many of the areas in terms of look, comfort, mileage, additional features and many more. But there are some differences between expected service and the perceived service. This paper deals with the importance of customer satisfaction in small car segment in Andhra Pradesh and also presents a review on customer satisfaction, service quality and factors which affect customer satisfaction in Select Companies in Andhra Pradesh. This paper also gives an idea about latest techniques and methods used by the previous researchers in different years.