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Impact of Information Technology on Organization or Company | Original Article

Ritu .*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The importance of knowledge and human capital make extra suppression on HR functions and new competencies for HR professionals are expected. With the arrival of information technology, human resource management practices are changed. Information Technology (IT) as a structural factor and instrument transforms architect of organizations, business processes and communication and is increasingly integrated into Human Resource Management. While IT has impacts on HR at the same time managers, employees, customers and suppliers increase their expectancies for HR functions. The system is able to produce more effective and faster outcome than that can be done on papers. HRIS can acquire and track almost any type of data. Some of the effects of HRIS are that it has brought about an improvement in the overall HR functions of the organization not only in administration work. HRIS can be one of the powerful levels of change for the HR Department in any organization.