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A Review of Design and Fabrication of Single Slop Solar Water Distillation System Using Phase Change Material |

Atul Dhakar, Neelesh Soni, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The trouble of eating water is flattering gradually more,due to the two factors; firstly that the population of the world has increasedfast and secondly the standard of living of human being has increased. Only 1%of earth’s water is in a fresh, liquid form, and nearly all of this is pollutedby diseases and toxic compounds. For this cause, purification of water is veryimportant for drinking. The main objective of the present work is the design andexperimental study of a single slope solar still under the Gwalior climaticconditions during months of November and December 2015, used in domestic andindustrial applications. In this paper an attempt has been made to experimentalinvestigation of different depth level of water i.e.10litters, 15littersand20litters in solar water distillation system. Adding Paraffin wax is in solarwater distiller, increased distillation time as well as increased distillerproductivity. Paraffin wax is a phase change material and good insulator forstoring heat. In this paper i have got to two comparative data; without any PCMand with paraffin wax in different depth level of water.