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An Analysis and Review on Solar-Biomass Hybrid System |

Sachchidanand Pandey, Dr. Devendra Vashist, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Renewable energy technologies are suitable for off-gridservices, serving the remote areas without having to build or extend expensiveand complicated grid infrastructure. Therefore hybrid systems using renewableenergy sources have become a preferred option. India has good potential ofsolar and biomass resources. A reviewof various technologies of solar biomass hybrid systems is made. Findingsindicates that hybrid solar biomass power plants will become an increasinglyattractive option as steam energy storage methods improve, solar thermal costsdecrease and biomass feedstock and fossil fuel prices rise. More focus shouldbe given to making technological improvements to the heat cycle of small scalehybrid plants due to low energy and energetic efficiencies. Hybrid Systems have proved to be the best optionto deliver “high quality” community energy services to rural areas at thelowest economic cost, and with maximum social and environmental benefits.