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A Study on Manet and Security Schemes to Protect It |

K. Jagadeeswara Sarma, Dr. Jibitesh Mishra, Assist. By Dr. Rishi Pal Bangarh, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Security has become a critical issue betweenthe mobile nodes in MANET. MANET is generally more prone to physical securityattacks and threats than the fixed- cable networks. The inherentcharacteristics of MANET such as wireless medium, highly dynamic topology,distributed cooperation, resource constrained capability, and limited physicalsecurity poses number of nontrivial security challenges to the network. Hence,enforcement of security through secure routing protocol becomes an extremelycritical task. Non-optimal routes are results of malicious modification throughattacker and inconsistent routing information exchange by attacker duringpacket forwarding. Due to highly dynamic nature of MANET link breaks and newpath have to be searched which may not be optimal. In this paper, an effort hasbeen made to concentrate on the malicious of different attacks and securityschemes proposed by various researchers and also proposed the some new approachagainst wormhole attack in MANET.