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Application of Systems Thinking Approach to Traffic Havoc In Saudi Arabia |

M. Muzzammil, H. Hussain, S. Siddiqui, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Car accident is a commonphenomenon among all countries of modern world. According to WHO, nearly 1.3million people die each year due to traffic accidents and 50 million areinjured (Alhamoud, 2012). However, if this phenomenon grabs a country with alargest number of accidents and fatalities, if hospitals and families areoverburdened with growing number of victims suffering from  distortion and permanent paralysis, and ifnumber of deaths per million becomes multiple of international rates, itcertainly requires to re-access the whole situation to find an effectivesolution. Any campaign for such a solution must encompass all spheres ofsociety and not only the traffic department. There must be a dynamic planningand long lasting solution. There is a need for Systems Thinking methodology.Systems Thinking has much to offer in strategic planning which is oftencharacterized as an interactive system of related issues. The aim of this paperis to apply Systems Thinking approach to solve the problems of growing trafficaccidents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Systems thinking enables effectivedecision making for permanent solutions of complex problems. It is an importanttool to real strategic planning and decision making. Application of SystemsThinking on strategic planning shall contribute to enhance the capability ofsolution finding for the traffic havoc by encompassing all the factors,developing nationwide effective planning and providing long lasting solution.