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Developments of the I-Function Several Complex Variables | Original Article

Priti Pandey*, Neelam Pandey, Yagya Pratap Sahu, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The purpose of this study is to present the I-function of r-variables, a natural extension of the popular, intriguing, and practical Fox H-function. The results are quite generalized when r=1, at which point we get the I-function. Second, we showed that an integral is formed by multiplying the I-function of a single variable by the Bessel function and the General polynomial class. A two-variable I-function may be obtained by evaluating the Sine transform of the product of the Hermite polynomial and Fox's H-function, and its special case, the Cosine transform of the product of the Legendre polynomial and Fox's H-function. We have also provided exceptional examples, basic features, and circumstances under which convergence occurs. Results for H-functions in r variables are generalized in this study.