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Adaptive Control Techniques for Improving the Performance of Robotic Systems | Original Article

Ananya Sood*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


One of the best ways to boost the performance of robotic systems is through adaptive control approaches, which are quickly gaining popularity. Robots are now able to continuously monitor system characteristics and make adjustments in response to changing external conditions and environmental demands thanks to these approaches. When applying these adaptive control procedures, robotic systems improve their capacity to follow a trajectory, reject disturbances, adapt parameters, stabilize, and be flexible. Numerous robotic applications, including those for healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and industrial automation, all show benefits. The performance of robotic systems may be improved via adaptive control, which is examined in this work along with the materials required, the approach, the outcomes, and the potential for further research. There are also suggestions for standardizing, benchmarking, and talking about hardware integration.