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To Analysis the Need of the Change in Organization Structure for Metro Rail Projects | Original Article

Bharangar Pravindra Kumar*, D. B. Jasutkar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Management structure has prime importance in successful completion of the project in each branch. Metro project becomes more challenging day by day due to modern challenges. Management structure need to redefine to overcome these challenges. Metro projects are the giant project in the infrastructure which touches many streams like construction, management, mechanical, electrical, electronics etc. To manage all the mentioned streams and huge resources matrix management structure is the most suitable structure we have. That’s why this matrix structure is adopted by all of metro project. But due to its size and dual nature, this management structure faces some issues. These issues may create significant problem if not treated well and can put the success of the project in danger. Main problems with this system are miscommunication, conflicts, power struggle. All these are non-technical and behavioral issues.