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Factors Causing Obstacles and their Effect on Infra Projects (A Case Study) | Original Article

Kharatmol Dinesh Narayan*, U. J. Phatak, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The budget of Infrastructure projects in India are worth around Rs.100 lakh crore according to the budget 2019. Also a huge number of these projects are getting delayed invariably. According to the MOSPI reports, of the 1634 infrastructure projects in the country, 373 projects reported cost overruns, while 552 projects saw time escalation.(Express News Service Published 09th December 2019) This is indicative of the fact that the causes of delays and their implications on the cost and time overruns warrant the need of studying. This study covers the various causes of delays in detail, as well as delays which are caused at various stages of the project. For this study only the transportation infrastructure projects are considered. The various issues plaguing these projects are studied. The study also includes an in depth literature review of the subject and the various works carried out on the subject. As a part of data collection, the study includes the random sample of road, railway, civilian airports and sea ports. The delays and the time and cost overruns that they have caused have been studied. Also, the locations of the projects need to be considered for drawing certain conclusions. The study basically carries a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the causes of the delays. It establishes a link to the analysis of the delays in order to quantify the severity of each type of delay with respect to the time overruns.