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Impact Prefabrication Technology (Pre Engineering) and Equipments on Profitability in Construction Industry: A Review | Review Article

Mithil Bokefode*, A. F. Shaikh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The strength, predetermined thermal properties, dynamic stability, and immutability of the geometric dimensions of the prefabricated elements are provided by prefabricated buildings and structures that are mounted from uniform prefabricated three-dimensional units under challenging and unique circumstances. Regarding its effect on environmental preservation, prefabrication has long been recognised as a sustainable building technique. Prefabrication's impact on reducing construction waste and the accompanying waste handling processes, such as waste sorting, reuse, recycling, and disposal, are essential aspects of this viewpoint. Improvement ideas for the sector and a cost-effectiveness analysis of precast concrete construction. This research focuses on the barriers to pre-engineered building technologies faced by newly emerging Indian enterprises and the key success criteria associated with these systems. Also, the contribution of pre-engineered building systems in India in the economic growth of country through various applications is stated briefly which is stated in different journals