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“Psychoanalysis of Human Resource Information Systems on the Performance of Human Resources Division” |

Pradeep, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The Human ResourceInformation System (HRIS) is the most recent in a progression of functionallyoriented information systems, which reflects the trend towards end usercomputing. The HRIS encompasses awide range of computer based applications, but comprehensive conceptual modelsof the HRIS generate very useful information for the organizations individualmanagers. Human resource information systems (HRIS) have been used in HRdepartments for many years, but more recently their use has changed to that ofplaying a more strategic role to support HR workers, in particular HR managers.HRIS reduces the need for large number of HR employees by helping employees tocontrol their own personal information and by allowing managers to accessrelevant information and data, conduct analysis, make decisions, andcommunicate with others without consulting an HR professional. Ideally, with anappropriate use of HRIS, less people should be needed to perform administrativetasks such as record keeping and more time would be made available for HRmanagers to assist by providing data on a strategic level.