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Comparative Analysis of Fractional Performance on Antioxidant Action of Red Gram (Cajanus Cajan) Seed Layer |

Venkataramana C., in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Red gram is a protein rich staple food. It contains about22 percent protein and biological and medicinal properties not yet investigatedparticularly for red gram seed coat proteins. The present study evaluated theantioxidant activity of crude proteins in red gram seed coat for aqueous,ammonium sulphate precipitation and dialysis fraction. Antioxidant activity wasassessed by DPPH and OH radical scavenging activity. The protein was variedbetween fractions range from 0.90-2.80mg, DPPH radical scavenging activity infraction range found to be 36.16-61.20% and hydroxyl radical scavengingactivity range from 32.21­52.44%. Crude fraction (CF), ammonium sulphatefraction (AF) and Dialysis fraction (DF) assayed for antioxidant activity,among them DF activity is best as a protein concentrated. SDS-PAGE photographshowing six bands in the DF with low and high molecular weight proteins and DFexhibited heat stable up to 50oC compare to room temperature (RT)and antioxidant activity. DF proteins stability checked and inhibited best at40oC 58.12%, 48.16% inhibition compare to RT 61.25%, 52.42%for DPPHand OH radical scavenging activity respectively. The key study indicated thatthese activities in crude fraction could contribute significantly to thepharmacological properties. These results suggest that the further purificationand characterizations of protein is need and it may possess best biological andmedicinal value.