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Attitude of Principals Government Senior Secondary Schools of Haryana State Towards Physical Education Kurukshetra |

Sanjay Kumar, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Asa matter of fact, physical education programme in Sr. Secondary School is stillin the formation stage physical education, in general does not have the samestatus as the other academic subjects in the educational curriculum. Though, ithas been generally accepted that physical education and sports should be inharmony with total educational pattern as it provides experience in imbibingthe spirit of democratic citizenship and bring these changes in an individual,which enable him/her to reach highest level of development in life. Theattitude of staff members towards physical education has a significant role toplay in growth and its development. Favourable attitude in any individual is anasset both for him and society. The findings of the study clearly reveals thatmajority of principals poses a positive attitude towards all the aspects ofphysical education such as physical, posture of hygienic, neuromuscularco-ordination physiological, child growth, mental, emotional, responsibilitiesduties, economic, social, ageing and general aspects. The top rankingeducationists facts that global changes takes place in the attitude of youthbeing developed by the electronic media at national and international levelemphasizing on the health and fitness of children; females and peoples. Thepositive attitudes of the principals towards all these aspects of physicaleducation might due to their practical involvement in sports activities forlong period of time, wide experiences, greater depth of understanding of thesubject, knowledge of health & fitness and continuous feedback of contestchanges in modern health systems in the world.