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Studies In the Synthesis of Betti’S Products Rhoda Nine As Pharmacological Activities and Potential Fungicides |

P. K. Pateriya, Dr. S. R. Poul, Sangeeta Parihar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Studiesin the title of work investigated and synthesized by the2-Thio-4-Keto-Thiazolidene condensed with Betti’s products or cyano-ethylatedaromatic aldehydi, Betti’s reaction was carried out with5-Arylidene-2-Thio-4-Keto-Thiazolidine which contains sulphur as theirfungicidal activity. Applicability of rhodanine derivatives is aschemotherapeutic value. In recent work to condensed rhodanine with somealdehyde obtained good yield and investigate their analytical application andtheir fungicidal activity of new synthesized rhodanine. (i)            Arylamino-methylation of 5-Arylidene Rhodanines,formation of substituted rhodanine. (ii)           Condensation of primary aromatic amine with5-Arylidene Rhodanines formation of Thiazolidinones derivatives of rhodanine. (iii)          Condensation of Malonanilic acid hydrazide with5-Arylidene rhodanine, formation of Substituted malonanilic thiazolidonesderivatives of rhodanine. (iv)         Condensation of diamino-diphenyl sulphone with -5-arylidene rhodanine. In thepresent Investigation it was thought worthwhile to synthesis some condensationproducts of 5-arylidene rhodanine for testing their antifungal activity.