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An Overview of Win Cvs and Its Usage In Software Companies |

Agha Salman Haider, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


CVS commonly referred to as Concurrent versions software canbecome a crucial part of the software development environment. While it istraditionally a command line application, the other developers felt the needfor a GUI application to interface with the extended set of commands which CVSprovides. One of the forms of such applications is Win Cvs. As the name impliesit is a CVS client written for use on the windows operating system. Thisapplication gives the user the option of connecting to a CVS server in avariety of magnitudes. There is a support for connecting to a local or remoterepository. The win Cvs directory is located at the link . This site provides the linksto download the client software as well as the documentation to get you uprunning while using CVS to manage your projects. In fact the web site of CVSprovides the software downloads as well the necessary documentation to get yourfamiliar to the software. After the initial report, it is common practice toget rid of the original files since one will be retrieving them from CVS later.