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Effect of Motivational Techniques on the Skill Learning of Beginners In Basketball |

Mr. Ravindra Singh Rajpurohit, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose ofthis study was to determine the effect of motivational techniques on theperformance of the beginners in Basketball. Motivational techniques used wereextrinsic reward, social reinforcement by the coach, goal setting andcompetition. 25 basketball beginners of L.N.U.P.E, belonging to the 18 to 25years age were selected as subjects for this study. The subjectswere divided into two equated groups in experimental and control groups andperformance was taken in initial testing. Along with regular Basketballtraining the experimental group was also given motivational techniques where asthe control group only received Basketball training. For the purpose ofcomparing the performance means of motivational group with non motivationalgroup in this study t-ratio was made as an overall test of significance. The t-testwas employed for testing the significance at .05 level of confidence. Analysis of datarevealed that there was significant difference at .05 levels between the preand post –test scores of experimental group (8.04) and control group (4.84).Further it also showed that the post test score of experimental group andcontrol group differ significantly.