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Analysis of Secure Wireless Networks |

Monika Sharma, Dr. Rajesh Pathak, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Wireless  networks (WN) encompass a new area oftechnology set to play an important role in the next generation wireless mobilenetworks, and it is going to address the internet provision to user at low costanytime from anywhere. WN is characterized by dynamic self-organization,self-configuration and self-healing to enable flexible integration, quickdeployment, easy maintenance, low costs, high scalability, and reliableservices. Security of such a network has always been an issue. In this paper, we have analyzed the fundamentalsecurity requirements of WN and the challenges faced by it. We have alsodiscussed the vulnerable features and possible active threats in WN along withfew defense mechanisms against such threats, including solutions to theproblems of intrusion detection. This paper serves a baseline for developing asecured, full-proof WN