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A Study of Data Mining Framework |

Farah Haneef, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


With the explosive increase in the generationand utilization of spatiotemporal data sets, many research efforts have beenfocused on the efficient handling of the large volume of spatiotemporal sets.With the remarkable growth of ubiquitous computing technology, mining from thehuge volume of spatiotemporal data sets is regarded as a core technology whichcan provide real world applications with intelligence. In this paper, wepropose a 3-tier knowledge discovery framework for spatiotemporal data mining.This framework provides a foundation model not only to define the problem ofspatiotemporal knowledge discovery but also to represent new knowledge and itsrelationships. Using the proposed knowledge discovery framework, we can easilyformalize spatiotemporal data mining problems. The representation model is veryuseful in modeling the basic elements and the relationships between the objectsin spatiotemporal data sets, information and knowledge.